Moment Club is an exclusive community driven app for all things biohacking! And this is definitely not for everyone. This community is for people looking to supercharge their mind, body and heart through biohacking.

What we offer?

  • Free Gut Microbiome Test - It all starts with the health of your gut. So we’ll conduct a free Gut Microbiome test to see the recent situation of your gut for personally tailored solutions.

  • Personalized Food Map - As per your Gut report, we’ll provide you personalised food recommendations to take your health one notch higher.

  • Discover Science-Backed bio-hacks/ protocols: Leave the research to us. We curate the finest biohacking protocols, habits, and tools from world-renowned experts.

  • Join Support Groups for Peer Empowerment: Realise your lifestyle and health goals with the backing of like-minded individuals. Moment Club offers support groups to connect with field experts and fellow biohackers on similar journeys.

  • Embark on a Journey of Learning and Growth: Elevate your knowledge and skills with our expert-led workshops and live sessions on neuroplasticity,sleep optimisation, nootropics and so much more.

  • Subscribe to Personalized Probiotics and Superfoods- We have an exclusive store for you inside the app! Nurture your gut bacteria with probiotics formulated specially to maximise your results.

  • Offline Meetups - Experience hands-on biohacks with fellow members at our periodic offline meet-ups.

Why you should join Moment Club

If you are someone who wishes to be a superhuman then Moment club is your launchpad! Join Moment Club today, where biohacking is not just a concept – it's a way of life. Elevate your ambitions, optimise your well-being, and embark on the biohacking journey you've always dreamed of.

How to join

Moment Club is currently in closed beta. To join the waitlist, register here. We hope to see you in the club!